Nuclear Physics Calculator

The "nuclear physics calculator: extreme single-particle shell model" was written by Dr. James P. Vary. For details on how to use the calculator and on it's function, see SS#1, SS#2, and SS#3.

Quick how-to: change the settings as you desire, then click "calculate". The calculation will run and the results will be returned to you as a text file momentarily.

Basic Settings:
Protons: Neutrons:
Coulomb of uniform charged sphere:
    no (solve for neutrons)
    yes (solve for protons)

Advanced Settings:
Max principal quantum number of HO basis (n) [0 - 20]:
Max orbital angular momentum (l) [0 - 10]:
h-bar*Ω of HO basis in MeV:
Gauss points for numeric integration [mult of 8, up to 136]:

Output Settings:
Number of r-points on uniform grid [200-1000]:
Grid size in fm [0.01 - 0.25]:

Perey & Perey Modified Parameters (defaults are normally okay):
Central Potential Spin-Orbit Potential
Well Depth [MeV]
X x A1/3 for radius [fm]
Diffuseness [fm]
Auto-solve for Central Potential Well Depth